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           Q25 Grand Canyon Tour

The Blue Mountains are famous for the huge valleys and steep sand stone cliffs; not that you can always see them from the top, but at the bottom of some of these cliffs are amazing canyons, full of stunning rainforests, rivers, creeks and waterfalls.
The Q25 grand canyon tour take you on a three hour journey through the open eucalyptus forest at the top, heading down the mountain into the rainforest and the Grand Canyon itself.
The Grand Canyon is not only one of the most amazingly beautiful canyons in the Blue Mountains, but is the only one that is totally accessible by foot, and Wildframe is the only ecotour company in Sydney to be licensed  to go in to it.

Rated at medium, an average fitness level is needed, once you go down and through the canyon, there is about 25 minuets of a medium incline to get out again, but it is very much worth it, the views are just breath taking at the top.

Please remember that both tours, Q25 & Q26, also go to see the three sister in the Jamison valley, time to ride the steepest railway ride in the world, and of course, then go to see the wild eastern grey kangaroos.

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